Friday, March 5, 2010

Sakura Starbucks

Japan seems to have a very particular interest in seasonal changes and has various ways of celebrating them and marketing agencies seem to be happy to play along. With the blooming of the Ume trees marking the creep of winter into spring, the parade of later blooming cherry trees (sakura) celebrate the new reigning season and its defeat over the cold, rains and snows of winter. Starbucks (スターバックス) Japan is all ready for it with themed sakura-print tumblers and mugs. They also offer Japan - exclusive sakura flavors in cream Frappucino, steamers, steam buns and chiffon cake (pictured here). In general the quality of Starbucks coffee, cakes and eats are surpassingly higher than in its native home - that being said the sakura cake was tasty but not award-winning. The cake is marbled with a cheese flavor to mellow the bold cherry flavor and topped with a mediocre sugar icing and a rather strong but interesting sour-sweet pickled cherry blossom.

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