Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Higashinada-ku 東灘区 Streets

In Japan addresses are written using the opposite convention then in the states, starting with the biggest geographical entities down to the more specific ones. For instance my address begins with Hyōgo prefecture (the country's 47 subnational jurisdictions), a prefecture of Japan located in the Kansai region on Honshū island. Following the prefecture is the municipality (in many cases this is a city) I live in Kobe the capital city of this prefecture. Next comes the location within the municipality - the ward - Higashinada where I currently reside is one of the 9 wards of Kobe. The final elements of the address are the city district, block and house number. If you use google maps in Japan you may notice that many Japanese streets don't have names and that is why they are seldom used in addresses, but if you zoom-in you can see all the block and district numbers. In addition to the address itself all locations have a postal code usually marked "〒". The next series of pictures are peculiarities that caught my eye abound the neighborhood in-between the bouts of heavy rain that we have been experiencing of late.

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