Friday, March 26, 2010

グリコマン Glico-man

This is the famous advertisement for Glico, a Japanese confectionery company (manufactures of traditional Glico caramel candy & Pocky) headquartered in Ōsaka. The Glico '300 meter running man' trademark is derived from the original caramel candy which is 15.4 kcal per piece or, according to a rather dull equation provided by Glico, provides enough energy to run 300 meters. As the sign is quite well known, it has long been a popular photo stop for tourists as well as locals. Glico was also the main sponsor of the anime series Tetsujin 28.


  1. When there are big sporting events, like FIFA world cup or when the Tigers won the League Champs, they dressed Glico man up in the respective uniforms.

  2. That is super cool, I hope that I get to see the local team spirit soon.