Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kinako Ohagi Kit Kat

The American Hershey company has made the Kit Kat a timeless chocolate candy - sturdy, brown and predictable - like bricks and equally as exciting. Yet in Japan the Swiss corporation Nestle makes the Kit Kat and has introduced some intriguing flavors: Kōbe has its own flavor called pudding and Kyōto has green tea, I have also tried maple, raspberry-passionfruit, ginger ale and royal milk tea. Pictured is my recent venture into the Kit Kat universe, Kinako Ohagi which is a traditional Japanese treat consisting of sweet rice balls covered is toasted soy flower (kinako) served during Higan. Higan is a Buddhist holiday celebrated around the Spring and Fall equinoxes in which people visit family graves to pray to/for their ancestors. The Kinako Ohagi Kit Kat was tasty but very sweet and the subtle nutty flavor of kinako was almost absent.


  1. Haha, It totally looks like a chicken nugget and for some reason I didn't see that until I read your comment. We should write them and tell them to make a whole line of cafateria style lunch flavors like mac n' cheese Yum!