Thursday, March 25, 2010

Light Hunting Machine

I am slowly gaining a collection of street art from the Hyōgo area and it has taken me to some interesting places and I often get some curious side glances from passers-by as I attempt to photograph these artworks. While capturing these particular works from a underground pedestrian tunnel in Shin - Ōsaka I had a very short conversation with a teenage gentleman about graffiti in which he poetically referred to my camera (in katakana - english) as a "light hunting machine" and its new name has stuck.


  1. we have some graffiti around Minoo too but not as "fancy". like the new name of your camera.

  2. Unfortunately most of the graffiti I see is not "fancy" either, I think of it as noise that has to be sifted through - lots of stickers & marker tagging that really lacks style of forethought. Glad you like the name also!