Friday, May 7, 2010

♪♫ These Are a Few of My Favorite♪. . .

It's the bubbles of nothing that make it really something. This is one of my favorite chocolate junk food indulgences from across the pond (Great Britain) however this is its Japanese cousin complete with a flavor twist. The Aero bar is Nestlé Japan's lesser loved child compared to the oft-manipulated Kit Kat but take notice that the Aero bar also has many limited edition Japanese only flavors. This fellow is light and fluffy green tea chocolate bubbles surrounded by milk chocolate. Next, everyone loves free stuff yes? How about as an incentive to purchase one brand of bottled water over another? Because that is what retail companies really bank on in the Japanese market overflowing with consumer choice. I have already talked about the Japanese love of limited edition merchandise, add to that a powerful drive to own brand name merchandise and the powerful force of retail incentive collaboration is born. These are Vittel (x) Converse "chuck taylor" Pepsi (x) Le Creuset Stoneware freebie cellphone charms that are literally dangled from the 500ml bottles. So cute how could you resist?


  1. I saw that Le Creuset freebie, too cute! Wanted it but didn't want to drink the Pepsi!

  2. I totally understand I hate soda in general and this one is particularly nasty :)