Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kaiseki 懐石

A traditional Kaiseki, a multi-course Japanese dinner, at a very small but quaint restaurant and catering service in Kyōto. The term Kaiseki also refers to the collection of skills and techniques that allow the preparation of such meals. The follow rule often applies to many eating experiences the world over: some of the best restaurants are cloaked in humble surrounding, hidden like 'holes in the wall' and procured by unassuming chefs in whiteish t-shirts. Daichu was no exception but the semi - doggy outward appearance was soon dispelled as you see the chef in action; part sculptor, innovator, Rakugo (Japanese Comic Storytelling) complete with thick kansai-ben (local dialect) and clearly a crafter of incredible culinary treats. Daichu is a family owned and operated catering company that largely specializes in the meal served after the traditional tea ceremony, or chanoyu, but also houses a small resturant. The theme of the meal was こどもの日 (Children's Day) and consisted largely of sashimi completed by traditional symbols such as the chimaki (but made with fish) and the hand crafted kabuto made of radish and carrot. The meal was sweet and exotic containing many special and seasonal ingredients all thoughtfully prepared.

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