Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ピッツエリア アズーリ Pizzeria Azzurri

Pizza was born in Naples and in 1984 the "True Neapolitan Pizza Association (AVPN)" was founded to protect and increase the value of pizzas produced worldwide, according to traditional Neapolitan customs. The association has set very specific rules that must be followed for an authentic Neapolitan pizza. These include that the pizza must be baked in a wood-fired - domed oven at 485°C for no more than 60 to 90 seconds, that the base must be hand-kneaded and must not be rolled with a pin or prepared by any mechanical means and that the pizza must not exceed 35 centimeters in diameter or be more than one-third of a centimeter thick at the center. The association also selects and certifies pizzerias all around the world to produce and spread the AVPN philosophy and method. Pizzeria Azzurri in Kōbe is a certified pizzeria and the AVPN guidelines seem to work because the pizza was outstanding and was made with un-compromised care. The porcini mushroom and smoked mozzarella was very nice and the pictured anchovy, onion and mozzarella was divinely crafted.

Yamamoto Dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 3-7-3 1F Yutopiatoa
12:00 to 15:00 & 17:30 ~ 22:00
Closed Thursday


  1. have this on my list "to try". looks great!

  2. If this type of pizza is to your taste then I would say it is totally worth a try and the lunch set was only ~1500円

  3. I Had Lunch Many Time at AZZURRI it was so Decelious. I suggest all my custmers too and friend to have a Pizza there.

    AZY From www.cafe-de-paris.jp

  4. Thanks for the comment AZY and I will be sure to check out Cafe de Paris!