Friday, May 14, 2010

蝶 Choucho - Butterfly

Graphium sarpedon (nipponum) or the common bluebottle is a species of swallowtail butterfly found in asia and parts of Australia. There are approximately 15 subspecies with differing geographical distributions. In Japanese folklore, the butterfly - ready to fly after its long spell in the cocoon and spreading its brand new wings - is a popular symbol for young girls. It represents emerging beauty and grace, with the added notice to regard change as joyful (not traumatic). The butterfly can also represent marital bliss and consequently has been incorporated into the family crest design of many Japanese families. More contemporary stories cast the butterfly as a symbol of fleeting, flitting memories and has become a popular icon in manga and anime as a visual metaphor of lost or forgotten memories. Butterflies and moths are also sometimes viewed as the souls of the dead, especially in relation to relatives, ancestors and friends.


  1. I love this butterfly's color, great capture!

  2. Thanks, the butterfly was patient enough, or preoccupied by all the flowers, to let me get quite close!