Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Daichu Kitchen-Resturant Revisited

A place so nice I just had to visit it twice; I had the pleasure of experiencing another kaiseki dinner at Daichu restaurant and catering establishment. The centerpiece of this meal was multiple preparations of hamo or pike conger, a long ell looking fish - but the taste is quite different from eel, much more sophisticated and complex taste that is not at all greasy. Meal started with a savory egg and mushroom custard, then moved onto hamo-zushi, saba sashimi, tempura and fresh soramame complete with a fish carved from sweet potato. Next was hamo grilled and boiled and a exquisite broiled eggplant with miso, hamo with egg and gobo, flavored rice, tsukemono and finished with a desert of kanten and kurozato (Okinawan black sugar) syrup. Daichu is located next to Kyōto university on a small quiet street in Yoshidatachibanacho. Please visit the Picasa web album for more images of dinner and the hamo.


  1. A feast for the eyes, mouth and nose. If you included the chefs humor then the ears as well - however I do find him difficult to understand as he talks fast and in a thick Kansai-ben.

  2. I think Kyoto-ben is a bit hard to understand as well.