Thursday, April 15, 2010

Suma-ku 須磨区

Suma-ku is a ward of Kōbe, there is a white sandy beach in this ward which attracts tourists to the Kansai region for sun bathing and popular events during the summer. The same beach has appeared in the literary epic The Tale of Genji and the band The Beach Boys made a song titled "Sumahama" after this beach. Low tide on this beach reveals animals seen only for a brief time, sea anemones, purple sea urchins, starfish, colorful sea slugs and tiny crabs live in this hidden world. This is an orange asterias amurensis, commonly called the northern Pacific starfish, native to the coasts of northern China, North Korea, South Korea, Russia and Japan.


  1. like the reflection of the tree!

  2. Thanks, I had a clearer shot of the starfish but like you I enjoyed the reflection of the tree and felt it gave the image some context.