Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pizza Perfect

In what food critics across the globe are calling both bold and brazen, Pizza Hut Japan has announced that after 2,600 years of combined pizza history they have crafted the perfect pie. Developed by Japan's leading culinary scientists trained in (道のピザ) literally 'the way of pizza.' As one renowned scientist stated: "we refer to ourselves as 'pizza artisans' because, as our latest creation clearly proves, we have moved beyond the realm of just crafting tastes in a test kitchen and have made the grand leap into pizza perfection." As the scanned image from the press release shows, perfection does come at a cost, about $36.72 USD but includes among other indigents: corn, mayonnaise, ham, mini hotdogs, and a special sweet ketsup to "up the tastiness."

Classically a savory Italian confection, the pizza is a baked pie of a shallow bread-like crust covered with seasoned tomato sauce, cheese, and often other toppings. The entomology of the word "pizza" is believed to be related to a classical Italian word meaning "a point." Whether this veritable cornucopia of meatiness, this artery squeezing meatsa pie, even has a point is something only time can tell.


  1. We haven't ordered pizza in ages but I like Pizza-la over the American shops.

  2. Jonathan you have to try it just once! I'm sure its as strange and horrible as it sounds, but you just have to do it. I do like that you can break off what I can only describe as pizza pigs in a blanket, and eat them separately. Wait I just saw that there is ketchup on top of the hotdogs. This just keeps getting better! haha. When I went to post this comment my word verification was "meati" I think its a sign ;)

  3. HaHa, that is great that your keyword was 'meati' that sounds like a word from Invader Zim. I am a little curious I must admit - I wish we could just get one slice! Thanks for the comment Amber.