Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sakura of Kyōto 京都

Sakura on the streets of Kyōto, photographs from left to right, the torii before the main gate of the Heian Jingu an imperial Shinto shrine. This torii is one of the largest in Japan and the main building of the Jingu, or shaden, is designed to imitate the Kyōto Imperial Palace on a three-fourth scale. The other images are from a riverside path just stumbled upon while walking around - these parks or paths are quite common in Kyōto and when the sakura are blooming the reflection off the water is quite wonderful. The final image shows a sakura tree branch that has grown low near the water offering a unique perspective on the blossom bundles, as seen from above.


  1. Feast for the eyes!

  2. They truly are, spring is a wonderful time to be in Japan. Thanks for the comment!