Sunday, April 25, 2010

Monkey Business

Road barriers from Rokkō Island, Ōsaka and Tōkyō adding a little cute to your daily construction delay induced commuter headaches. Fashioned like a monkey, frog and ???, well I actually have no idea what this last one is . . . any ideas? I personally think a pink elephant would be humorous especially if it was attached to the Japanese no drinking and driving campaign.


  1. I've seen something similar to the last one in Umeda, though it was green, so I thought it was a frog.

  2. I though it was a frog also but it is also so different from the other frog... perhaps it is rabbit?

  3. the one I saw in Umeda actually had "sorry" written on its "tummy" area. I guess that last one could be anything you want it to be :)