Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sakura Shukugawa さくら夙川

The Shukugawa Park and its sakura seems to be one of the main attractions in this part of Nishinomiya. The JR Kōbe station is named after it and everywhere you look are images and symbols of sakura. The sakura here were planted under the guidance of Sasabe Shintaro, one of Japan’s foremost sakura-experts and biologists, who also happened to live in Nishinomiya. The park was started prior to WWII but planting was halted during the war. Luckily the park was finished shortly after the war ended and has grown into one of the top 100 sakura viewing places in Japan, as selected by the Japan Cherry Blossom Association (NPO).


  1. So gorgeously breathtaking! Were you able to sit on the bank, too, and take in the view?

  2. Thanks it was truly breathtaking! I was able to sit on the bank and enjoy some eats and a beer along with the view - this picture is actually taken while I was seated.