Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The fragrance of something delicious and strawberry grabbed me by the nostrils while walking through Sannomiya station today; to picture this imagine those Warner Brothers animations where the scent is like a hand, fingers outstretched grabbing you and pulling you floating into the air powerless against it unspoken will. The source of this heaven-sent smell was a warm freshly baked waffle and surly the pearly gates are actually aglitter with these strawberry waffles and the bloke with the book is actually named Manneken not Peter. Rosen Co., known as "Manneken" Belgian waffles, has added strawberry to their product line-up that also includes plain, cocoa, chocolate, rum raisin, almond and maple flavored (some are seasonal). The waffles are made in the Belgian tradition with authentic tools and ingredients and for these lovelies they use real strawberry juice for a delicate balance of sweet and tangy. These waffles are warm and crunchy outside and soft inside, with crunchy corners the texture of lightly toasted sugar. Delicious!

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