Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sake Gelato

I passed a rather humorous sign on my hike in 'Alp No Sato,' it had a picture of a cow (a bull really which is confusing) with a (+) sign next to a bottle that is labeled sake, then an (=) sign and a silhouette of an ice cream cone. As it turned out a shop on the trail experiments with various flavors of gelato, and Sake is one of the seasonal flavors. Having already tried chocolate beer I felt it was only fair to try sake gelato, pictured on top of this cone with peach sorbet. It was actually quite delicious and had a very distinct-sharp but sweet sake flavor that really worked well contrasted against this slightly sour peach (momo) sorbet. It might have been slightly strong on its own, but paired with another handmade frozen flavor it was just right.

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