Friday, August 13, 2010

Fuji Rock: Bugs

"Tents, Bugs and Rock & Roll is the apropos name chosen for a British produced video chronicle of the 1st 10 years of the Fuji Rock festival, and as you can see insects do join in the festivities. These fellows, as well as most other insects are fine but be aware of the vampire variety, as they grow big and hungry in these woods - bug repellent is a must. Here is a list of other helpful and necessary items if you choose to attend in the future.
  • Hat, to avoid sunburn, heat, and rain.
  • Raincoat, a proper one for camping & hiking, as no umbrellas are allowed in the festival site and the really cheep ones will just get soaked through.
  • Towel, to put around your neck to protect against the sun and or as shade, to dry, cool, or clean.
  • Tarp or bag for sitting on, many bring foldable chairs.
  • Sunscreen, I saw enough lobster-red colored folks after day-three to convince me that this is a must bring, consequently they were all foreigners.

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