Monday, August 16, 2010

Naniwa Yodogawa なにわ淀川花火大会

It is the fireworks festival season in Japan, and one of the biggest fireworks festivals in the Kansai region is in Ōsaka, the Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival. This festival has been held along the Shin-Yodogawa River since 1989, and despite its massive size, the festival is hosted almost entirely by the local residents and businesses of the Juso neighborhood. Attendance each year is approximately 500,000 people, and the fireworks display is impressive. The fireworks started launching at 8 pm and the show lasted slightly over an hour. If you plan to attend next year I suggest bringing your tarp and staking out a place along the river in the late afternoon if you want any chance of sitting, as it is very crowded. Many people dress up in yukata and have picnics beforehand, making it an all-day event.

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