Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fuji Rock: Fashion

The weather in Naeba is cooler then most of Japan at this time of year, which offers a welcome change for the heat scorched masses. However, the days can still be rather hot and sunny, when it is not raining and it will rain, guaranteed. Oh and with the rain comes mud and lots of it. So for most festival goers, there is standard uniform of rubber boots, t-shirt, rain jacket, fisherman’s hat, side bag for tarps, bug repellent, sun screen, and other essentials, and almost always a towel (towels are a really big deal in Japan at this time of year). Most go this route, however some dress to impress, or dress like complete freaks - see gold suited-flag waving guy a few posts back to see what I mean. This is the green stage manned at this time by the Boom Boom Satellites who put on an epic show.

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