Friday, July 2, 2010

Sannomiya 三宮 At Night

Downtown Sannomiya near the JR train station on one of the many pedestrian walkways that crossover the busy street below and connects the various train stations and department stores. The nights in Sannomiya are often busy and crowded and this night was no exception. Just a few feet away two fellows had a small audience circled around them as they played an acoustic folk-rock set. It is common to see bands and individuals practicing their craft here and some are quite good - they usually don't accept or expect tips either (though I don't know if this is common throughout Japan). To get this shot I set the camera on the railing, as I was without a tripod, and had trouble keeping the camera still for this six second exposure as the hordes of folks pushed past me - and the walkway was also swaying a bit. The view is not fantastic but to me it seems a bit more interesting with the "time lapse effect" achieved by the longer exposure.

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