Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ōsaka Street Art

Street art from around central Ōsaka and appropriately the Gundam graffiti is from Nipponbashi. Speaking of Gundam the city of Shizuoka, 125 miles west of Tōkyō, has re-erected the statue that was in Odaiba last year - unveiling is on the 24th of July which is also Gundam’s 30th birthday. Shizuoka is the city where most of the Gundam plastic models are manufactured, and even though the location is in the middle of nowhere Bandai (who owns the rights to Gundam) and Shizuoka expect millions of tourists. Unfortunately I cannot justify the expensive trip just to see the statue, especially with little else to see or do in Shizuoka, which makes me a little sad - like the last graffiti.


  1. there are some huge graffiti under the Hankyu Kyoto rails near Juso (near the water), I've seen them from the train while going to Umeda. I saw that article of Shizuoka and Gundam, you could climb Mt Fuji, get some green tea then visit the statue :)

  2. Thanks I will check it out next time I am in Osaka. Also, that is a wonderful idea, I have not seen Mt. Fuji yet (except from the plane) as it is always been cloudy when I have been in Tokyo and I really like to hike in the mountains.