Monday, July 5, 2010

Nagata Jinja 長田神社

The weather here continues to be a either hot and humid, or rainy and humid, or possibly both at the same time; I suppose in this season if I waited for the weather to be nice enough to venture out of the apartment then I might never leave - and the apartment is way too small to seriously consider that. So I pack up my trusty hand towel (a regular accessory in Japan) and an umbrella and go out exploring, a recent venture brought me to these Ema located in Nagata shrine. Nagata Shrine is rather historical and not terribly far from the apartment. The rain had just stopped for a while and the sun broke through the heavy clouds to highlight this wooden offering. The less than ideal weather does offer the benefit of solitude, all the crowds and tourists generally don't venture far from the covered malls and train stations; which left the shrine still and silent.

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