Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mikoshi At Ikutamasan Natsu Matsuri

Some final images from the Ikutamasan Natsu Matsuri; as the mikoshi, gold house like objects on the sholders of these fellows, entered the shrine grounds they were greeted and blessed by a priest at the main gates and then paraded into the large flat open grounds in front of the Hoden. Each group from around the city entered the grounds, after carrying the mikoshi and or large Taiko and their small troops of players all over town for the last 8 hours, and literally ran with them at full gail to all corners of the shrine grounds to perform ritual bows, chants, and clapping. Quite a site, these fellows must have slept really well that night with all that running, walking, lifting, drinking, eating, and mary making; after-all I sure did and I was only a spectator.

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