Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mosaic & Kōbe Port

The view across the ocean port near downtown Kōbe is quite popular with tourists and locals alike. On this night, as it is on many summer nights, couples come to take in the 'romantic' view of the twinkling lights and the reflections cast upon the ocean; they sit hand-in-hand with legs gently swinging over the edge of the concrete harbor. Mosaic is the name of the shopping area the rests across the harbor and houses restaurants, bars, a movie theatre, a shopping market, an amusement arcade and a little amusement park. During the day the harbor also hosts buskers and street artists selling calligraphy, open air paintings and crafts. I have found some rather attractive works and wares here and I am sure the street performances are entertaining (if that is your kinda thing) as they do attract large groups of people. However, I have always found buskers a bit creepy and tend to stay clear of them if given the choice. I appreciate the nighttime atmosphere which is quite and still in comparison to the bustling and noise of the daylight hours.


  1. love the reflection! I passed the harbor with the monorail to the airport and noticed that the ocean was very dirty :(

  2. It is quite dirty I am afraid, no jumping in after a well played soccer game for sure ~ even if Japan had won Tuesday :(