Monday, January 10, 2011


Dezome-shiki, the Fireman's Parade (or the New Year's parade of fire brigades as it is also called) is an annual event held throughout major cites in Japan. Perhaps the largest and most famous of these is in Tokyo, which showcases the acrobatic prowess of fire fighters atop tall wooden ladders. Kobe has a Dezome-shiki of its own and while I didn't witness any acrobatics of the type famous in Tokyo, this event was no less spectacular as a demonstration of the ability and expertise of Kobe's firefighters. The event (which took place at Meriken park) featured may booths, vehicles and vessels, and personnel from all over the area. The event centered around a training scenario that involved all manner of firefighting, rescue, and disaster skills. Pictured is a rescue helicopter performing some low altitude maneuvers, later two rescuers would repel from the helicopter and secure a rescue dummy for airlift evacuation.


  1. 震災を思い出さない冬はないけれども、

  2. Wow, splendid composition. After reading the text, especially after looking at the photo of the newer post, the clouds in this photo looked like the water or bubbles of fire extinguisher, sprayed from the helicopter!
    Thanks for sharing.