Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year! Japanese New Year's food is called osechi-ryori, which is traditionally served in jubako, lacquer boxes, such as this. Each dish and ingredient in osechi has a meaning, such as good health, harvest, happiness, and or long life. It's a Japanese tradition to eat osechi-ryori throughout the New Year's holidays which last until January 3rd. Traditionally, people finish cooking osechi dishes by New Year's Eve so that they have food for a couple days, and to provide a break for the long suffering and overworked house wife (or husband, but that would be very modern). Nowadays, people can also buy ready-made osechi dishes, or order them at department stores, grocery stores, or convenience stores. Hope your new years celebration was a good one, and the coming year provides joy, education, and growth.


  1. 美味しそうなおせち! 盛り付けもとっても素敵。

  2. Wow! This looks amazing. I just jumped over from Ann and Natsu's blog. I haven't seen many Japanese blogs before. I'm amazed at how good all of your English is. We did love all the bentos we had in Japan this past spring. We've never been to Kobe before. I guess we shall have to put it on our travel list.