Friday, January 14, 2011

Show Me Japan: Akashi-jō

Because Himeji castle is currently under restoration, and is consequently not very picturesque, I visited Akashi castle (jō) as an alternate. I am glad that I did, this is a quite and relatively empty area in the evening, with a atmosphere rich in history. However, if you visit in the winter as I did, bundle up as it is quite cold.

This castle was constructed by Ogasawara Tadazane in one year, which was a relatively short amount of time for such a project. The speedy progress of construction was aided by a law issued in 1615 that limited one castle per clan. Meaning that Akashi castle is partially constructed from materials, and in some cases whole sections, of previous castles in the area. Akashi castle was built on order from the Tokugawa shogunate, for its strategic value in watching over the western lords.

Pictured is the Tatsumi Turret (巽櫓) with the constellation of Orion "the hunter" poised above it. In Japanese the phrase Yowatashi Boshi, or passing the night stars, is applied to prominent star groups which appear in the East at sunset and set with the dawning sun. Orion is certainly one of the most noticeable Yowatashi Boshi; most especially the three belt stars or Mitsu Boshi.

Photograph is my entry for this weeks Show-Me-Japan (Vol.1 Issue 9).


  1. Nice with the white and clean lines against the darker sky.

  2. Beautiful richness in this Japanese Architecture shot in the evening.

    Best wishes.

  3. Beautifully lit!!! I love night photos! :-)

  4. White wall looks whiter when the castle is illuminated by lights. I like the contrast of white wall and the dark sky! Stunning photo!