Friday, December 24, 2010

Show Me Japan: Kaminarimon 雷門

A mix of modern and traditional architecture, in the foreground is the Kaminarimon at Sensō-ji and in the background is the Tokyo Sky Tree; a mammoth new tower being built overlooking the Asakusa district. The legend surrounding the Sensō-ji involves two brothers who, in the year 628, fished a statue of Kannon out of the Sumida River. Kannon is the goddess (bodhisattva) of mercy and compassion. The brothers attempted to return the statue back into the river, however, it always returned to them. Consequently, Sensō-ji was built in honor of Kannon and completed in 645, making it Tokyo's oldest temple.

Photograph is my entry for this weeks Show-Me-Japan (Vol.1 Issue 6).


  1. Wow! Look at the cloud in the background. What an amazing shape! And the Tokyo Sky Tree scares me. But when I saw it from the train it did not look all that impressive at all. Hmmm... I think we'll need to check it out when we're in Tokyo again, probably in May'11.
    Happy Holidays from warm and lovely Malaysia!

  2. I agree with Anna.
    What a bizarre shape of the clouds! Maybe it's a sign of big earthquake, hehe.
    Have a wonderful Holidays and Merry Christmas.