Sunday, December 5, 2010

Disaster-Preparedness Drill

Attended the annual disaster-preparedness drill for the ward that I currently reside in. The drill consists of activities, displays, and information provided to the local citizens to inform them about disasters that could potentially befall the area including tsunami, earthquakes, and fires; and what measures they might take to prepare for such events and what to do when and if they occur. The local police, fire, road, and disaster management organizations were on-hand for this rather interesting event. Does the neighborhood you live in have such events? Pictured is a hands-on demonstration of a fire extinguisher by a local elementary student.


  1. I am not sure our neighborhood organizes such event/discipline. Or we are isolated by the community:)))
    Your photo looks soooo "Backdraft"!!! Great photo, indeed.

  2. Thanks, I am curious how common these drills are throughout Japan, Kobe (and Nagata in particular) are sensitive to such subjects following the devastating earthquake in 1995.