Saturday, December 11, 2010

Inside the Kobe Luminarie

This is the view as you start to make your way down the main street where the Kobe Luminarie is erected. I have been watching over the last few weeks as the skillful crews set up these whitewashed wooden structures, that have all the lights attached to them. They look rather heavy and special metal poles are located along the street (year-round) that a tangle of mooring cables are attached, securing the Luminarie from winds.


  1. あぁ、懐かしい~
    Love the Luminarie pics you've posted (I couldn't decide which one to leave a comment on though, they're all so nice - picked htis one because it's the most colourful. ^^)
    Also, thanks for your comment! I really have to get back to Kansai one day...

  2. Thanks, don't know if they gave justice to the real thing but glad you enjoyed!