Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saké お酒

Had a meeting with a friend today at the Mikage train station for lunch and tea and as we were getting ready to part ways noted something interesting was being set-up in the large outside court across from the station. Turns out it was a saké tasting and a nominal 300円 scored two bags of snacks and three large pours of your choosing. Kobe's Nada district is the world's top producing region of saké and has long been famous as a place for saké production due to the availability of high quality rice and water and its proximity to the large Kobe Port. Notice the last picture on the right has a nice blurred effect and though I would like to take credit for it - seems by the end of the evening the saké induced some shake in my normally steady hands that created a nice but unexpected result Kanpai かんぱい !

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