Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ekiben – Train Station Bento Boxes

Many people are familiar with Japanese bento box meals but the special class of bento that are only sold at train stations called ekiben, shortened from eki bento (station box meal), are perhaps less well known. They are sold at train stations across Japan for a modest price and are standard fare on Shinkansen platforms which is where this one comes from. The wrapper claimed this style of ekiben won some contest for bento and was presented in a woven basket. Ekiben are customized with the local cuisine although an assortment of rice, pickled vegetables, and sea food are usually figured in. If only the (so called) food available on train and airline buy-on-board meals in the states could be this good. Also, I wanted a better picture but I was too hasty to tuck-in so this is the best I could do. . .

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