Monday, February 22, 2010

フジテレビ Fuji TV

Located on the reclaimed land complex of Odaiba in Tōkyō bay, this is the aluminum - clad headquarters of Fuji TV, one of Japan's national broadcasters. Unique open architecture with divided building space, one side is an office tower and the other a media tower linked by three enclosed pedestrian bridges. Next to the media tower is a spherical observation platform and while it is free to walk around inside and look at some programs being recorded, the observation deck with views of the Tōkyō skyline cost 500円 which was too rich for my wallet that day.


  1. What did you use to shoot this with? With as perfect of a photo blog you're keeping up, I wont even need to come to Japan!

  2. The Panasonic LX3 in Program mode at ISO 80 F2.0 1/10 with a homemade soft focus filter that elevates blur on the edges of the frame and a make-shift tripod. Thanks, glad that you like the photographs. I see you are headed for Hawaii, great place to experience Japanese-American culture hope you have a great time!