Monday, November 22, 2010

Tarumi-ku 垂水区

Trying something a little new, I am afraid that this blog template doesn't display this type of image well; but if you click on it you can get a better view. This is a stitched panoramic image (done in camera) taken along the coast between Suma and next ward to its west Tarumi. Tarumi is suburban area of Kōbe, with a quiet residential feel that also provides many sea side views, beaches, an outlet mall and a port that hosts a modest coastal fishing industry. The Akashi Kaikyō Bridge connects this ward with the neighboring island of Awaji. I am especially attracted to these concrete "jacks" that are interlocked and stacked along most of the Japanese coast. In the States the coast is not really protected in such a homogenous and aesthetically pleasing manner.


  1. great photo. without clicking on it, it looks like a face smiling.

  2. HEHE thanks, that is actually why I liked it also - the distortion makes it interesting even if it has some errors on the left side!