Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Goshiki-zuka Kofun 五色塚古墳

The Goshiki-zuka Kofun, or barrow cemetery, is a key-hole shaped tumulus (mound of earth and stones raised over a grave or graves). This 18 meter high tumulus sits in Tarumi, on a hill in the middle of a residential neighborhood overlooking Awaji island across the channel. The key hole shape can really only be appreciated from a birds eye view of the tumulus, however, you can get some idea of its shape from the top (which you can climb to via a stone walkway). The tumulus dates from the late 4th or early 5th century and is 194-meters long. Quite an impressive site, made more impressive by its suburban surroundings and the many school children and residents that pass around it unbiased; as to them it is just the normal backdrop of an everyday commute.


  1. 塩屋で育ちました。ジェームス山と須磨までの海岸が私の原風景です。垂水駅前の海神社の夜店の色、松林の舞子公園、お友達の誕生会の帰りに遊んだ五色塚古墳。潮の流れの速い海峡に架ける橋/明石海峡大橋は神戸市民の夢だったと思われます。素敵な写真をありがとうございます。あまりの懐かしさに、日本語でのコメントご了承願います。

  2. Please forgive my reply in English, as my Japanese is terrible. I was very pleased to read your comment, and to gain the perspective of a Shioya native. I am glad that the photo was able to bring back some good memories! ありがとうございます。