Friday, November 26, 2010

Show Me Japan: Autumn

A statue of a monk on pilgrimage at the Sumadera temple surrounded by autumn foliage.

Last weekend the blog Budget Trouble: Travel and Trouble in Japan, hosted a photo meme called Show Me Japan (Vol.1 Issue 2), and now it is a weekly event. I really enjoyed seeing all the images from around Japan last weekend and was introduced to some wonderful folks; so I am participating again, and here we are.


  1. Wow!ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ I like Sumadera.
    I went there for a fieldtrip during elementary school. Let's throw a coin to the moon as a wish to return. (LOL)

  2. Great pic man ;-)
    My name is also Jonathan ^_^ so to avoid confusion, let call me lifeyoutv haha

  3. Hi Jonathan,
    I know you didn't, but it looks like you shot it on film. Ahhh... I'm so sad that autumn is over (at least where I'm at it is)...
    Thank you for joining this week too! :)

  4. Hi Jonathan,
    Thank you so much for participating in Show Me Japan by posting a beautiful photo of Autumn colors. I like the composition of the image!
    Have a wonderful weekend:)

  5. Thanks KAT! Anzu if you have the chance this is a wonderful time to grant that wish, as the colors are very nice. Jonathan (lifeyoutv) thanks, and I really love your images from the beach, great name BTW! Anna, my pleasure to join and I am now looking forward to this every week - great fun. The colors are due to my new toy (well my wife and I share it) the Sony NEX 5, and this an HDR shot done in camera and it is the closest I have come to film quality on any entry level DSLR. Y. Ikeda I am a big fan of the Kouyou, I am very glad to have found your blog as your photography is inspirational for me!