Saturday, October 16, 2010

Suma Rikyu Park: Bamboo

Suma Rikyu Park also has a greenhouse, collections of hydrangea, peony, and cherry trees, a Japanese garden, tea ceremony rooms, a drive lined with maple trees, fountains, a picnic area and restaurant, playground, and an athletic pathway with 28 stations. Well you get the idea, the park is rather large. The gardens were diverse and well kept, a nice surprise to find them set quietly and unassumingly near the city nestled in the Suma mountains. Photograph is of a bamboo grove, I spun the camera as I took this long exposure.


  1. Thanks, just lower the s-speed and as you expose the picture move your camera in a circle, or up and down, or in a wave, it is fun to play with - just keep a steady grip on your camera :)