Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween Everyone!

Real pumpkins are quite expensive in Japan, around $35 USD for your average sized carving pumpkin, so this year I made due with some plastic and a little light painting. Still managed to make some pumpkin soup with カボチャ (kabocha), a Japanese pumpkin that was quite tasty, however, I still could not find a whole pumpkin as they are sold in quarters or halves. Hope everyone has a great Halloween!


  1. I've seen whole pumpkins at vegetable stands in our shopping arcade. These are kabocha so I think the skin tends to be thicker and harder to carve. The markets tend to cut up the pumpkins for easier consumption. Happy Halloween :)

  2. Wow lucky, I have not even seen kabocha whole in this area, even at the vegetable stands - and it is harder to carve :) thanks hope you had a good weekend also!