Friday, October 29, 2010

Gyokusendo Cave Lake

Within the labyrinth of Ryukyu limestone visitors can see over 1,000,000 massive stalagmites and stalactite, which are made more impressive when you consider that it takes most of these structures 3 years to grow just 1mm; and some of them are many meters long. On my journey through the cave I was also lucky enough to encounter some of the native animals that live there like fish, reptiles, and bats. The caves were a real highlight of this trip for me, and would say they are worth a visit to anyone visiting the main Okinawan island. The cave is modestly light with color LED lights and florescent lights set along a raised corrugated steel pathway. The way is sometimes dark, but no need for a flashlight, and the path is often very wet and a little slippery so wear shoes with good grip.

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