Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pimp My Scooter

Near the Kamo-gawa in Kyōto, just in front of a convenience store, was a small group of motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts displaying some of their labors. In Japan if it has at least one wheel and it is some sort of active form of conveyance (be that train or cargo truck, unicycle of motorcycle) then it has an associated club, enthusiasts, hobbyists, magazines, and plastic models. Also, these passionate folks have covered these wheeled objects of affection with neon, LEDs, and chrome from top to bottom. For this particular evening, everything was bathed in a neon halo and every inch was shinny or blinking; blanketed in LCD monitors, speakers, and or computers. From the drivers view these look more like jet airplane cockpits then scooters. The owners were more then happy to show them off to the many gawking passerby for a photo-op or just to share admiration of a truly pimped out ride.

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