Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bitter Almond Kit Kat

I have already told you more than you need to know about Japanese junk food, especially Kit Kat, however this new Bitter Almond flavor is worth mentioning. The flavor combination is not exotic, instead it stands strictly on taste not notoriety. According to the box it does have a rather odd cross-promotion with TBC, Tokyo Beauty Clinic, though I'm not sure what Kit Kat has to do with beauty. A great balance of dark bitter but semi-sweet chocolate (44% cacao) and crushed almonds that surrounds the classic Kit Kat wafers with more dark chocolate cream between the wafers.

Incidentally, many crime & punishment stories feature a person who has died unexpectedly having been the victim of cyanide poisoning. The first, best and only symptom of cyanide poisoning in television is that it leaves the smell of bitter almonds on the victim. One interesting thing about this trope is that it is self-reinforcing; the trope itself has raised awareness such that it is increasingly likely that even a layperson would recognize the significance of the smell, but does anyone know what it actually smells like? Well it smells like Bitter Almond Kit Kat . . . tasty and informative.

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